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War in Iraq not affecting spending, says new study

March 25, 2003

TORONTO, /PRNewswire/ -- Spending on technology will not decrease as a result of the war in Iraq, according to a recent survey of US companies by Info-Tech Research Group, a leading technology research firm. Although a majority of companies surveyed felt that the war was having an effect on their technology operations, less than 12% felt that the war would impact spending whatsoever.

"In the face of yesterday's stock market tumble, this has to be seen as a strong indicator that there are still some positive drivers in the economy," said Jason Livingstone, Analyst at Info-Tech Research Group. "Of the companies we surveyed, 57% felt that the war would affect their IT operations, but not in regards to spending."

"We see this as a very positive sign that companies still have an optimistic outlook on the economy, because IT spending is usually one of the first things that gets cut back during an economic slowdown. It will be interesting to see if these feelings continue if the situation in Iraq is not resolved quickly," says Livingstone.

"What we also found interesting was that even though most companies felt their IT operations would be affected by the war, only 30% were taking any measures to increase the security of their infrastructure," says Livingstone. "This also indicates to us that they are not overly concerned, at least not yet."

The survey showed that the companies who were increasing security precautions were taking multiple measures. Tightening down the controls on their firewall (25% of respondents) and more closely monitoring network traffic (23%) were the most common precautions.

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Source: Info-Tech Research Group


war in iraq