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Bonfils Blood Center selected to provide blood to the military

January 30, 2003

DENVER, January 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Bonfils Blood Center will supplement the military's blood supply during wartime, if and when additional blood is needed. Bonfils Blood Center is one of six hub centers across the country designated to ship blood directly to the military. This arrangement results from an agreement between the United States Department of Defense and America's Blood Centers (ABC), the network of community blood centers that collects nearly half of the nation's blood supply. Bonfils Blood Center, an ABC member, has been selected to serve as one of six hub centers, while 74 other ABC blood centers will serve as "spokes" to support the six hub centers.

With the prospect of a war with Iraq, the military has developed this agreement to ensure that all blood needs would be met. "Having this support from ABC and its members will ensure that blood will be available for our servicemen and women. While the military collects much of the blood that supports our troops, we still depend on backup from civilian sources, especially in times of major conflict. We hope civilians will rise to the call of duty, to help both their military troops and other civilians who need blood," said Colonel Michael Fitzpatrick, Director of the Armed Services Blood Program.

"The selection of Bonfils Blood Center as one of the six hub centers speaks to the reputation our donors have built as a dependable and giving community," says Tom Puckett, Chief Operating Officer of Bonfils Blood Center. "Our community has earned a reputation as one of the few blood centers who can provide blood locally, national and even internationally, when it's needed. It's an extremely high honor for us to be called upon during this significant time in America's history."

Eligible blood donors are asked to continue donating for local needs, but now also to support America's troops during this time.

Source: Bonfils Blood Center


war in iraq