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Detecting early stages of criminal and terrorist attacks

New book reveals preventative measures that can save lives

From public mass transportation to college campuses to corporate headquarters to suburban homes, no place is truly safe from a violent act. Laura Clark and William E. Algaier know that preventative measures can stop criminal and terrorist attacks before they start, and they share their knowledge in Surveillance Detection: The Art of Prevention (now available through AuthorHouse).

"At last, a book [exists] that will help mainstream the practice of surveillance detection! In many cases, SD is the only tool you have for preventing an attack," writes security expert Tony Scotti. Long practiced by security teams protecting diplomats and executives, SD can easily be implemented by the general public. Surveillance Detection shows readers how.

Detailed yet straightforward, the book teaches a "fluid method of prevention that is easy to learn and implement for the average citizen [and] ... sophisticated enough to augment any formal security plan." The information is based on the premise that attacks begin long before the actual moment they are carried out, and surveillance is the common precursor. With this awareness planted in readers' minds, Clark and Algaier introduce players and methods on either side of a hostile situation. Detailed scenarios bring techniques to life, and sophisticated security terms are carefully explained. Surveillance Detection dispels the myth of helplessness against aggressors and offers a frightening but honest glimpse at the possibilities of attacks, emphasizing the need to arm oneself with the best weapon: knowledge.

The book has value for a wide audience. A woman who is being stalked can protect herself from violence. Parents can play a more active role in their children's safety. Corporate America can better defend its personnel, facilities and executives against potential aggressors.

"Certainly we cannot take the law into our own hands, but we can use legal preventative measures to protect ourselves, our families, our businesses and our assets," the authors write.

With a background in surveillance detection, surveillance and education, Clark has trained teams all over the world. She has worked on a variety of government contracts and in the private sector conducting SD operations for high profile individuals.

A veteran U.S. Army Special Forces Operator, Algaier has conducted SD and trained teams in Europe and the Middle East. After the first Gulf War, he entered the private sector as a trainer and consultant. He recently assisted with training bodyguards for the top five Iraqi government officials.



war in iraq