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American Military University Offers Iraq Course Package

Portable Program Deploys With Students

Jauary 27, 2003

CHARLES TOWN, W.Va., Jan. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- American Military University is offering a unique course package that deploying students and others can use to learn more about Iraq and the Persian Gulf region.

Students interested or involved in the Persian Gulf region can choose from eight courses that focus in-depth on its history, culture and politics. Students may take these courses as stand-alone courses, as part of a degree program, or as part of a five-course undergraduate Persian Gulf Studies Certificate.

Students seeking to increase their understanding of the context of current events can choose from these courses: The Contemporary Persian Gulf, I and II; History of Iraq; Iran Country Analysis; Politics and Security in the Persian Gulf; Islam; Iraq Country Analysis; and The Persian Gulf War.

"We want to support deploying students with college courses that are not only relevant to their professional experience, but are also portable -- whether students are aboard ship or forward deployed on land, we'll work flexibly to meet their needs," noted Michael Hillyard, AMU Provost.

For more information on the individual courses or the Persian Gulf Studies Certificate, go to http://www.apus.edu/AMU/degrees/iraqstudies.asp .


war in iraq