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Saudi Arabia to provide humanitarian assistance to Iraqi people

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia reaffirms its commitment to relief efforts

March 26 , 2003

WASHINGTON, March 26 /PRNewswire/ -- The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia reaffirmed its commitment to relief efforts for the assistance of the Iraqi people by providing food, water, medicine, clothing and other humanitarian aid for innocent people who have been affected by military action.

In response to recent reports from inside Iraq that indicate that civilian hospitals are being overrun with wounded and are ill-prepared to handle the growing number of civilian casualties, Saudi Arabia is preparing a mobile medical facility as well as food distribution centers.

In the meantime, the Kingdom has already prepared comprehensive humanitarian assistance in the form of foodstuffs, medicine and shelter to deal with a potential large influx of refugees. In 1991, Saudi Arabia cared for more than 150,000 refugees from neighboring countries. If this scenario again arises, the Kingdom will do everything it can to provide for them.

Saudi Arabia calls upon the international community to join it in addressing the urgent humanitarian needs of the Iraqi people.

This press release is distributed by Qorvis Communications, LLC on behalf of the Embassy of Saudi Arabia. Additional information is available at the Department of Justice, Washington, DC

Source: Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, Information Office


war in iraq