war in iraq


Debate on Iraq war erupts in conference on disarmament

March 27, 2003

GENEVA, 27 March (UN Information Service) -- Iraq and the United States debated before the Conference on Disarmament this morning the war in the Middle East, with the United States contending that after 12 years of Iraqi non-compliance with Security Council resolutions, the threat of force had to be backed up with actual force, and Iraq contending that cooperation in disarmament in fact had occurred and the current hostilities were a flagrant violation of international law.

A Representative of the Syrian Arab Republic opened the unscheduled discussion by saying the war had nothing to do with international law but was "the law of the jungle", and thousands of innocent Iraqis were being killed.

Also intervening on the matter was a Representative of the United Kingdom, who said Iraq had a history of using weapons of mass destruction against its neighbours and its own people, and so something had to be done in the face of the country’s long-term non-compliance with Security Council resolutions calling for it to disarm.

This morning’s plenary was the last of the first of the three series of meetings the Conference has scheduled for 2003. The Conference will resume from 12 May through 27 June.

Richard Fallon of Ireland, sitting in for current Conference President Mary Whelan of Ireland, noted that the Conference’s 1,000th plenary would occur in three years, and there was a sober possibility that even by then the Conference might not have reached on a programme of work. He called for national delegations to think proactively during the intersessional period so that meetings might resume in a meaningful fashion in mid-May.

Source: United Nations


war in iraq