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UNICEF staff in Suleimaniyah start distribution by water tanker

March 27 , 2003

In northern Iraq, UNICEF teams are urgently addressing the needs of a largely urban population who have chosen to leave main towns and live in the countryside. While many are with friends or relatives, large numbers of families are living in schools and other community buildings. The UNICEF staff in Suleimaniyah have started distributions by water tankers for IDP families living between Kalar and Darbandikhan towns. In addition work has started to build latrines for 450 families. Material has also been sent for the construction of emergency water facilities for 40 tents in the Bazyan area.

A UNICEF team of water, health and child protection staff visited Penjween and Nalparez. One of the immediate actions to be undertaken as a result is for 2 deep wells to be overhauled, to take into account the needs of the expanded population. From Erbil work has begun on emergency water facilities and latrines for the Delizyan camp which is to have 192 tents.

UNICEF is concerned by a report that military equipment has been found in a school. The agency urges all parties in conflicts to ensure that schools are places that do not invite attack and remain a secure environment for children where their right to education can be fulfilled.

This morning staff working at the UNICEF office in Baghdad were sent the following from the Secretary General's speech to the Security Council yesterday.

'.. the humanitarian agencies of the United Nations are ready to help. Indeed, they have been preparing actively to do so. And even though their international staff have had to be temporarily withdrawn from Iraq, most of them have national staff who even now are at work, bringing what limited relief they can to their fellow citizens. Those brave and devoted Iraqis deserve our profound respect."

Source: UNICEF


war in iraq